Dr. Leopold provides psychological evaluations for children and teens.  An assessment can be a valuable tool to help identify underlying reasons a child is struggling academically, socially, and/or behaviorally. Psychological testing may be needed to accurately diagnose certain learning or developmental disorders, as well as giftedness.

Common reasons for testing include concerns about:
  • ADHD/ADD/Executive functioning challenges
  • Learning disabilities (i.e., Dyslexia)
  • Speech/language disorders
  • Developmental delay
  • Autism spectrum/Asperger's
  • Social, emotional, and/or behavioral difficulties
  • Giftedness

Once testing is completed, Dr. Leopold will meet with you to discuss the results and recommendations.  She will provide you with a detailed written  report that can be shared with others involved in your child's care.

Dr. Leopold is available to meet with relevant professionals to discuss the results​ of the evaluation, to attend school meetings (i.e., SST, 504 and IEP meetings), and to help parents connect their child with appropriate services, supports, and resources in the community.

Please call Dr. Leopold to see if she can provide the type of assessment you might need for your child, 
since she is providing evaluations that are limited in scope at this time.